Markets are in a Risk on Mood with Lockdown Measures Set to be Eased

Since the markets opened there has been a decent appetite for risk, which was carried through Asia and into the European session.

The riskier assets are holding good ground, stocks are trading generally in the green. In the FX market, weakness in the USD is observed, with outperformance in its risky peers; AUD, NZD, CAD, GBP and EUR.

There is a sense of optimism amid an easing in coronavirus lockdown restrictions in several countries. On Sunday, the Australian states of Queensland and Western Australia announced that they would slightly ease social distancing rules this week as the number of people infected decreased on the continent, which saw AUD/USD jumping to a seven-week high.

In Europe, Germany also allowed on Sunday small retail stores to reopen, providing that they adhere to strict distancing and hygiene rules. Now large corporations are following suit.

Italy will also ease lockdown measures from May 4.

Most notably there was a big drop reported on Sunday, in the reported number of COVID-19 fatalities in several countries including France, Italy, Spain, and the UK, providing greater encouragement that lockdown measures are proving effective.



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