Global Covid 19 Cases Surpass 10 Million, What’s Next for Markets?

Coronavirus deaths surpassed 500,000 worldwide and confirmed cases rose to more than 10 million, according to Johns Hopkins University data. U.S. and U.K. public health experts warned against lifting lockdowns too quickly and South Africa warned of a spike in its economic hub.

Florida, one of the U.S. states reinstating measures to halt the spread, reported a 6.4% increase in infections. Arizona topped its weekly average for a fourth day. California’s infection rate slowed. U.S. cases rose 1.7%.

The World Health Organization reported almost 190,000 new cases for the 24-hour period through early Sunday, a week after the previous one-day high.

Cases from the Americas accounted for 62% of the 189,077 new infections, followed by 13% from Southeast Asia and 8.8% from Europe, according to the report from the United Nations agency based in Geneva.

The U.S. and Brazil, together, represented 49% of all new infections. The WHO report showed 9.84 million cases, a total that lags behind tallies from John Hopkins University, which showed more than 10 million cases on Sunday.

Noticeable secondary covid-19 news:

  • US CDC reported 44,703 new coronavirus cases for total of 2,504,175 and deaths rose by 508 to 125,484

  • California coronavirus cases rose by 4,810 to 211,243 as of Saturday and the 14-day average positivity rate is trending modestly upwards, according to State Health Department

  • Texas coronavirus cases rose by 5357 to 148,728, which was a 7th consecutive day that cases increased by over 5,000 and the Texas positive-test rate surged to a record 14.3%

  • Florida coronavirus cases increased by 8,530 vs. Prev. record increase of 9,585 a day before and Georgia cases rose by 2,235 which is the largest increase since the outbreak began

  • US VP Pence said the US Government is focused on the rising cases in the southern states and wants to continue to open economic activity in the US while dealing with rising cases, while he added that 34 states are showing measures of stabilisation and 16 states are rising

  • California Governor Newsom told Imperial County to shut back down amid the COVID-19 surge and ordered 7 counties including LA to close bars. while San Francisco Mayor Breed announced the city will delay the reopening planned for Monday

  • Researchers in Barcelona have detected the presence of COVID-19 in a waste sample collected in March 2019; nine months before the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan was first reported

  • A SAGE adviser has warned that Britain is on a "knife edge" and could see an increase in COVID-19 cases by July following the easing of lockdown restrictions towards the end of May

  • China announced restrictions in Anxin county in the Hebei province near Beijing following an increase of cases.

What does this mean for you?

It is evident that covid-19 cases are taking a turn for the worst, with states reverting certain areas back into strict lockdown measures amid a spike of covid-19 cases globally. Certain countries such as the UK are forecasted to experience a sharp increase in covid cases, as such restrictions may have to follow once again. Ultimately this is likely to place pressure on risk assets and boost heavens.



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