The trading world is unfortunately polluted with a lot of get-rich-quick schemes that are not serving any value or helping people for the chance of success and longevity in trading.


What if you could learn from someone that has over a decade of direct financial market trading exposure. A mentor that could strongly assist you on your path to generating another income or to becoming a full time trader.


They would massively boost your development, leveraging their experience and all the mistakes they previously made, to ensure that those same things are not repeated by you.


Ken has over 11 years within the financial markets, having worked as an analyst to gain all of this institutional level knowledge, which was then leveraged to trade and make a living from trading. All the mistakes one could possibly make Ken has made during his journey, but then having the experience to help and prevent others in making the errors.


He will bring much in the way of assisting you master technical analysis, understand fundamentals and how to trade them, in addition to creating the right mindset for a trader.


Ken will establish where you are at in your trading journey to get an understanding of your needs and where to focus on to help polish you into an all-around trader.

Mastering the art of technical analysis; learn how to interpret charts, understanding all things technical.

Understanding fundamentals and how to trade them; learning how to compile all information and build a picture to then form a fundamental bias.

Trading psychology; learning how to build the correct mindset for longevity in your trading journey, but also to enhance all life aspects.

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