Finding a reliable place to learn about the critical must know fundamentals is extremely challenging. There is a lack of resources for the everyday person to gain such insight into the market.

What if there was a resource providing a huge amount of knowledge and experience within the market, which has been broken down in a simplistic and very relatable way.

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FREAKU fundamental course is catered for the everyday person, all experience levels will take away much value to leverage within the trading world. Over 11 years of frontline knowledge and experience with fundamentals and how exactly they influence the markets. Once studied, a trader will be able to confidently have a fundamental bias to be used as an additional trading confluence. Helping increase the chances of success.


Ken will teach you what fundamentals are from start to finish. For all levels of experience, it is broken down by Ken in a way that you do not need any sort of background or starting knowledge.

28+ in depth lectures

with In-depth videos which are made with much energy and very fun to follow.

Covering all the key data points and how they all link together, impacting the respective relating currencies.

Understanding how to build a picture and then form a fundamental bias. 

Ken FX Freak supply and demand strategy included.

Three months access included to Freak Network Membership.  

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