There are fundamental factors that are influencing the forex and broader markets. At times traders can get caught off guard by these underlying influencers.

What if there is a way to obtain this information, to help improve chances of staying on the right side of the market, rather than keeping getting caught off guard.


Freak Forex Trading (Powered by Freak Network) keeps its clients up to date with all relevant information that needs to be known, to help serve the trader well in their own informed trading decisions. We are an additional tool for them added to their belt, breaking down all the pollution of news flow and data, and presenting it in a clear, digestible and easy to understand format. A trader will then gain further knowledge about the underlying fundamentals factors moving forwards

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Daily fundamental and technical analysis; understanding the key themes, events and the bias for the respective currencies and indices. 

Ongoing market commentary within our members' channel, covering live high impact fundamental events and noteworthy tradeable news. 

Trade set up ideas, which tie in with the established fundamental bias with all detailed reasoning.

Market fundamental and technical video rundowns for European and U.S. sessions. Pre-Asia market report, summarizing themes and any key upcoming overnight data.

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