There are fundamental factors that are influencing the forex and broader markets. At times traders can get caught off guard by these underlying influencers. 

What if there is a way to obtain this information, to help improve  chances of staying on the right side of the market, rather than keeping getting caught off guard. 


Freak FX Trading (Powered by Freak Network) keeps its clients up to date with all relevant information that needs to be known, to help serve the trader well in their own informed trading decisions. We are an additional tool for them added to their belt, breaking down all the pollution of news flow and data, and presenting it in a clear, digestible and easy to understand format. A trader will then gain further knowledge about the underlying fundamentals factors moving forwards

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  • Daily fundamental analysis; understanding the key themes, events and the bias for the respective majors and indices.


    Ongoing market commentary within our members' channel. Trade set up ideas, which tie in with the established fundamental bias with all detailed reasoning.


    Market fundamental and technical video rundowns for European and U.S. sessions.


    Pre-Asia market report, summarizing markets themes and any key upcoming overnight data

  • Learn how to interpret charts, understanding all things technical.


    For all levels of experience, as the course goes from beginner to advanced technical analysis reading.


    30 Lectures including live trading examples.


    Ken FX Freak technical strategy included.


    All is made very simple and easy to follow

  • Ken will teach you what fundamentals are from start to finish.

    For all levels of experience, it is broken down by Ken in a way that you do not need any sort of background or starting knowledge.

    Covering all the key data points and how they all link together, impacting the respective relating currencies. 

    Understanding how to build a picture and then form a fundamental bias. 

    In-depth videos which are made with much energy and very fun to follow.

    Ken FX Freak supply and demand strategy included.

    Three months access included to Freak Network Membership.

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We at Freak FX Trading put a large amount of collective energy into our service, taking much pride and joy in all that we deliver. All of us are very passionate individuals with a mission and purpose to serve non-stop value in this industry. 





Ken has been active within the financial markets for over a decade now, gaining much invaluable trading experience and knowledge along the way. After successfully getting to a place where he can consistently extract money from the markets, it was time to share all that he learned. 


Each day Ken wakes up, he thinks, “I must serve even more value to the masses”, hence why Freak FX Trading was created in addition to him continuing to work with those that are serious about taking themselves to the next level.

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